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SportsDemy is a live sports and news website offering the latest sports news, scores, and highlights from around the world. The website caters to everyone’s needs—from breaking news and match updates to sports highlights to exclusive interviews with players and coaches. 

The platform covers football, American football, hockey, ice hockey, basketball, handball, baseball, volleyball and rugby. The website offers expert commentators, in-depth match analysis, and real-time news updates on key teams, players, and leagues so that fans and sports aficionados stay up-to-date about their favorite teams and players.

SportsDemy aims to become a pioneer in the industry and to provide everyone with a platform to express their passion for sports and discuss topics related to their favorite teams.





Live Scoring, Sports News


Backend Development

Project scope and technology

Web Development, System Design, Backend Engineering, NodeJS API Development, NestJS Application Development, Apollo GraphQL, Prisma ORM


Before undertaking this project, our company developed another WordPress app for this client. This previous app focused solely on providing a list of match events. You can access the live link of that app at dhakasports. Our team worked on this project back in 2020.

However, the client wanted to expand the app’s capabilities and incorporate comprehensive live scoring and other sports-related information for multiple sports. This decision was made in the last quarter of 2022, prompting us to embark on this new project.

While creating SportsDemy, we encountered several challenges that tested our problem-solving skills and technical expertise.

  • One of the critical issues was researching third-party APIs, as we had to ensure these APIs could provide the real-time data necessary for our platform.
  • Designing an effective system that could handle data from multiple API providers was a complex process. We also had to manage the frequency of API calls to avoid overwhelming the system.
  • Another significant challenge was storing the data in a manner that ensured consistency when it was later provided to end users.
  • Lastly, optimizing REST calls using GraphQL was a hurdle we had to overcome to ensure efficient data retrieval and improve the overall performance of our website.


Our team has been diligently working to provide a seamless experience for our clients. We began by thoroughly researching third-party APIs and outlining our system design. With this information, we assembled an importer service capable of retrieving, reformating, and storing data in our database directly from these APIs.

We’ve implemented Redis cache to handle queries for the API calls optimally. We ensured incoming data from various APIs conform to a single format to streamline the data storage process.

We’ve also developed a chat service for our logged-in users, allowing them to converse during a live match, fostering a sense of community.

  • We researched third-party APIs comprehensively, crafted systematic plans, created an importer service for data retrieval, and optimized data storage.
  • We utilized Redis cache to optimize both database and GraphQL caching, improving the performance of API calls and overall system efficiency.
  • Our system design ensures that data from various APIs conforms to a single format, streamlining the data storage process and reducing complexity.
  • We uphold transparency, logging every API response status for further debugging and checking.
  • Our GraphQL API application was introduced to serve data to our clients.
  • To enhance user experience, we’ve implemented a chat service for logged-in users, fostering a sense of community and interaction during live matches.


We have developed a scalable application, SportsDemy, that is designed to provide live scores across multiple sports. This platform can withstand high demand and traffic to ensure a seamless experience for sports enthusiasts. We are currently working on an intuitive and visually appealing front-end for the application, which is yet to be completed.

You can follow our progress and check the live updates via the SportsDemy.

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